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postheadericon Polishing your personal traits to bag the dream job

It often happens that a person with extensive experience, professional education and good skills cannot get the desired job. Why doesn’t the recruiter call you back after the interview? Do you need to agree to a position that is not very suitable for you, or should you not be reassured that over time you will be able to tune the work for yourself or get used to your duties?Let’s try to understand this issue and learn the basic commandments of successful employment.

Often, to understand your mistakes, you need to look at yourself from the side. Our opinion about our merits, professional qualities, appearance, speech, behavior is subjective. What seems ideal to us may in reality be an unforgivable mistake. Insignificant in our opinion moments can create a general negative impression even about the most intelligent and talented person. You should not be overly confident in your abilities, even if, in your opinion, you are an ideal candidate for the desired position. In order to know about premium online placement, you can always take the help of the internet.

Appearance and manners should correspond to the vacancy

Even being a welleducated and experienced person, you should not neglect their appearance. No wonder the ancient saying goes  “they meet by clothes, they escort by mind”. In order to form a first good impression of yourself, you have only about 5 seconds and about a minute more so that this impression is fixed. It is at first impression that the recruiter has an opinion about you. This happens subconsciously. And if in the first minutes of communication the interviewer had the impression that you are not a desirable candidate for this vacancy, and then we can assume that you did not pass the interview. That is why at the very beginning of the interview it is necessary to establish a trusting relationship and demonstrate confidence in yourself, your knowledge and strength.

What does this first impression depend on?

  • From the intonation of our voice (by 38%)
  • From the visual perception of our image (by 55%)
  • From the clarity and correctness of the selection of words (only 7%)

It is important not to make a mistake in choosing the style of clothes for the interview. To do this, you must familiarize yourself with the requirements for the appearance of the employees of the company in which you want to work. When negotiating the interview time, ask the recruiter about the presence of a dress code in their company  this can be done either by phone or by email. As a rule, it is a strict business suit  trouser or skirt. However, there may be other options for office wear.A very good preparation for the interview is a selfpresentation in front of a mirror.